How can we be happy? People spend their entire lives, whether consciously or unconsciously, searching for an answer to this question. Is there an equation to be happy?

Although there might not be a equation for happiness, we can see a direct correlation between people who have a high perception rate and people who are happy. People who are happy can understand more natural laws, and can accept more conditions which can lead to a better perception of the event and reality! Unhappiness only comes as a result of misunderstanding reality. The better we understand reality, the happier we will be.

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  1. Rachel Snyder


    This article also illustrates that more enlightened people with better perceptions of reality are left-sided. The KSM model tells us that left-sided people are characterized by no decision making. This is because they have a higher perception and are able to understand that any event has only one outcome. If they can perceive all of the initial conditions then they will understand what that outcome will be. In the study, ultimately every person only would be able to take home one painting. Therefore, they really only had one choice. Only by the participant’s own clouded perceptions did they believe that choices would affect outcome.

  2. Adriana Nelson


    This article directly hits on the points that we have been attempting to understand and wrap our heads around in class. I mean, who doesn’t want to be happy? If there was an exact algorithm to make ones self happy, who wouldn’t take advantage of it. And what this article is attempting to touch on is that while we don’t know the exact answer to this life long question, we do have a pretty good idea on what it may take to get one step closer to accomplishing this goal. By understanding ourselves and how we are separate from our environment, we can then make clearer and more justified decisions giving us a greater perspective on life which in turn makes our lives simpler and happier.

  3. Conrad Nicoll


    The more I experience in life the more I reinforce my belief that attitude is everything. I believe that people make themselves miserable when they deny and refusal to accept natural laws. As we accept natural laws, seek to obtain and process more information, we can determine what WE can do to better our environment and live a happier life. By blaming others or letting ourselves become angry when something goes wrong we deny ourselves an opportunity to learn and become better.

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