This is a story of how a pilot, despite unusual odds, leads a crew and its passengers to safety. US Airways Flight #1549 experienced plane complications from flying birds, just after leaving New York LaGuardia airport. 150 lives were on the line as two pilots had to make a executive decision on  how to land the airplane and save the all the passengers.

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  1. John Murphy


    This video was a great example of training, implementation and execution. These pilots were given a set of initial conditions, of course not by choice, and carefully used their expertise to enable them to save many lives. The initial conditions of having birds fly into there engine was not by chance but was a predetermined set of conditions that were always there. They were planned to fly in that exact pattern after leaving La Guardia airport and the geese were to be on the same course. The pilots were able to perceive all of the information available for them, which allowed them to realize that they had no real control of the situation. The senior pilot called out to his co-pilot “My plane” and took his position as the leader of the situation. He demonstrated his expertise when he let the situation cut down on the unnecessary decision making that would have increased the risk of the situation. When requested to land at nearby airports by the air traffic controlled he simply stated “unable”. Based on recordings from the voice data recorder onboard of the aircraft, the conversation between pilots was only that of dominant information. They spoke only when necessary and spoke information critical to the safe landing of the aircraft. All of this happening in just over five minutes, from take off to landing, the pilots set the plane down in the Hudson river saving many lives.

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