The article titled “Breaking the Taboo: It’s time to talk about mental health,” written by Sue Baker, mainly deals with a large, supportive movement taking place in England. The movement’s goal is to do away with the negative reactions that might come up when people share their own mental health issues. Baker explains that several people (as many as one in four in Britain, and 450 million worldwide) suffer from mental health. However, several patients who deal with mental health issues must also face negative reactions from other people when these issues are made known. This could cause these patients to keep their conditions secret, which could worsen their condition by adding another layer of stress to their life. By gathering together to talk about their conditions openly, the proposed movement can encourage people to help others and themselves instead of just being a source of negativity. Overall, this case can be seen as an example of the difference between type A and type C people. Type C people can be considered those that react negatively toward those with mental illnesses, due to the control that they believe they can have over others. It can be argued that those that allow themselves to be governed by the possible negative reactions of these type C people are also type C. However, the added variable of mental health issues makes this area less easily observed. Type A people, however, can be defined as the people who organized the efforts to support the people who are going through these hardships. Instead of trying to control the people in order to “help” them, they are creating an environment that promotes self-help, which in the long run, can be considered to be much more beneficial.


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