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During the 2014 All-Star game, the media requested LeBron list his own Mount Rushmore of all-time NBA league greats. In his list he did not mention any of his peers, or even the greatest champion who ever played the game, Bill Russell. He mentioned that he would achieve the top 4 spot of greatest who ever played the game. Russell, who just turned 80, was asked by reporters what he thought of LeBron’s greatest of all-time list. Russell modestly thanked LeBron for leaving him off the list, and reminded him basketball is not an individual sport; it is a team sport. He went on to mention his basketball career accomplishments: 2 high school state championships, 2 NCAA championships, and 11 NBA championships.

When something is dominant, it is transparent and clear for everyone to see. When it is dominant, there is no need for interpretation, decisions are not in use, verbal communication is minimal, and numbers become the most predominant form for communication. When LeBron mentioned he will be the top 4 greatest of all time, which is not dominant. It requires too much information, decision making, and expert analyses to project what could or could not be in the future. When Bill Russell says he is the greatest, minimal communication was utilized and the number of his championship rings made no room for darkness, because the light reflecting off of them was too bright.

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  1. Michael Boehringer


    I agree that when Russell states his accomplishments it is in a dominant form–he was a winner. Winning, however, does not imply greatness. Someone of the greatest athletes of all time were not fortunate enough to be surrounded by those required to win. As Russell states, basketball is a team sport.

  2. Steven Sifferman


    This article does a great job at pointing out the lack of dominant information that Lebron James used. The standard for deciding who the best basketball players are is by multiple championships. The greatest players definitely had a supporting cast of all-stars during their teams’ championship runs, but fans singled out the leaders as the reason for the multiple titles. Greats like Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan were the leaders because of their individual performances over their careers led their teams to multiple championship dynasties. While Lebron James now has two championships, he has yet to win as a leader because he has yet to become a consistently dominant individual player.

  3. Rizwan Assainar


    I totally agree with the article! LeBron claims himself to be the greatest player without mentioning the number of championships that could have possibly thrown light on dominant information. Whereas, with little communication Bill Russel conveyed alot of dominant information. Thus, facts and figures are necessary to make judgement, decision analysis and so forth

  4. Teja Reddy


    Dominant information will always be acceptable by people, that statement made by Russell is just true, he used perfect figures to deliver his stand on LeBron’s statement. In sports it is always the numbers which we are concerned about because they are a solid proof for any performance. LeBron missed that point and his statement is simply baseless.

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