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J.J. Abrams recently announced that he will not be directing the third Star Trek movie due to his commitment to Star Wars: Episode VII.  Though Abrams intends to stay on board as a producer, he will not have as big of a say in the plot and pace/style of the movie.  Abrams says that he will work closely with his fellow producers to pick a new director that will keep the “cast and crew in good hands.”  The cast of the movie is confident that the new director will be someone that Abrams “trusts implicitly.”  Will the new film perform (both financially and with critics) as well as the previous two movies have?

Though J.J. Abrams could be considered an “expert” at his craft, there is always a certain amount of risk that comes with passing along responsibility.  Abrams had the first two movies under control – there was little risk for Abrams when he created the first two movies.  He was involved in every stage of the process and minimized his technical risk.  The only risk involved was risk that he could not control, and this was the risk he focused on.  As a producer, making the film is much riskier as there is much more that he will not be able to control.  The new director will also be relatively inexperienced.  Though the director may have made several movies before signing onto the Star Trek franchise, he will not have made a movie with this cast or with this crew before.  Abrams is the expert in this area, not the new director.  The new director will have to make a lot of decisions about the film as he does not understand the conditions as completely as Abrams does.  The film may turn out to be as good as the previous films, but due to increased risk the chances are slim.

Article Reference:

J.J. Abrams Not Directing Next Star Trek Film – Natalie Finn – E! News – September 12, 2013 – Retrieved from http://www.eonline.com/news/458514/j-j-abrams-not-directing-next-star-trek-film-calls-departure-bittersweet


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  1. Kyle Westlake


    If a director has made it to the Blockbuster level, then he or she is considered an expert in my books. With that being said, Abrams will pick another expert to fill his shoes so there will not be any added risk to the situation. You also have to think that Abrams is still a part of the film, therefore he would not sabotage the movie by hiring an inexperienced director.

  2. Shivaan Kulanathan


    Since Abrams will only be involved as a producer, his involvement in the project will be less ad therefore there should be less risk on his part. If Abrams were to select a director who he, as the article states “,trusts implicitly” then there should be even less risk. If one were to view the role of producer as a boss or leader then they should be selecting individuals to do tasks that they are best at, which would cause a reduction in risk. As long as Abrams selects a director who he views as capable, or an expert as IMT would call, risk should go down and the movie should have the same quality and critical reception as the previous two installments.

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