Jack Ma is the founder of the world-renowned global wholesale trade online platform called Alibaba. In this video, Jack clearly identifies the simple observation that many people in life overlook, because they are too busy complaining and in their own silos:

That the majority of people in life are unwilling to change and always want something for nothing.

He recognized their greatest complaints were the best-kept secret opportunities visionary problem solvers like him could use to become successful. He recognized that it was common for people to be worried about their future, and that either they did nothing about it or they look for security in all the wrong places. Like many greats in society, Jack Ma identified how he too had to overcome his own struggle, and how he realized that his way to success was through solving the problems of others. Jack Ma goes uses his personal story of how he developed Alibaba, as a simple illustration of how we can begin practicing our visionary listening skills and potentially secure our own sustainable future.

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