Most people would view Jameis Winston as a great candidate to pick in the upcoming NFL draft but I would consider him a big risk. The reason he is a big risk is due to his off the field performances. In more than one incident, Jameis has been reported for criminal activity. There are many players that struggle with problems off the field. In order to gauge the risk of drafting him, I did some research on players that had similar problems as Jameis. My conclusion from my analysis was that players with off the field problems are volatile and unstable. These players often brings problems to the team and end up being cut. The teams that are thinking of drafting Jameis might want to reconsider their options and the amount of risk that they will take on.

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  1. Brandon Vermeer


    This presentation was very well thought out! I liked the clear tie back to IMT at the end and halfway through the NFL season, things do not look good for Mr. Winston!

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