JOCPicture.jpgAccording to jocinfo, Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a unique indefinite quantity type of contract that enables facility owners to accomplish a large number of repair, maintenance and construction projects with a single, competitively bid contract. It eliminates the time and expense of completing the normal design-bid-construct cycle for each project. It allows facility owners to decrease project duration and cost, while increasing quality. Contractors competitively bid an adjustment factor to be applied to a catalog of construction tasks with pre-set unit prices.

To demonstrate the implementation of JOC, here is a list of 5 states in the United States where JOC has been applied to some extent.

JOCvsTrad1. Illinois: There are no restrictions for running JOC in Illinois. In fact, the Lake County utilizes Job Order Contracting as a method to procure select construction and renovation projects involving demolition, electrical work, HVAC, carpentry, concrete, painting, plumbing and other trade work.

2. Indiana: Indiana University adopted the concept of JOC as they ran an $18 million job order contract for four years for the construction, repair and maintenance of various facilities.

3. Kansas: Fort Riles, Home of the First Infantry Division, has 2 JOC contractors as they are awarded against the base contract for minor construction, alteration, renovation, and repair of real property.

4. Louisiana: In Louisiana, Contractors interested in participating in the JOC Request for Proposal (RFP) process must meet the District’s minimum qualifications and are subject to the Revised Prequalification Program.

5. Massachusetts: In Massachusetts, JOC is authorized by a legislation and JOC contracts are open to Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance  (DCAMM) certified contractors which allow for the execution of multiple projects under a single contract, saving time, reducing costs and increasing opportunities.

In conclusion, the concept of JOC contains multiple aspects that are similar to IMT. The implementation of JOC assures less time for the completion of a project with increased quality. This eliminates stress on the owner’s part. JOC also makes the contractors life easier by allowing them more freedom. It is a win-win scenario and the concept is certainly left side (LS).



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