Most individuals ineffectually seek to control one another. Due to lack of knowledge about their circumstances, people perceive events as “good” or “bad”, when in reality they are neither.  In this scene, Master Shifu must accept his lack of control over Po and trust that Po will become the Dragon Warrior as he was intended. Shifu also struggles to understand that Po was chosen as the Dragon Warrior for a reason. Po’s appointment for this honor only appears random because Shifu cannot perceive all of the information.

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  1. Alice Phan


    This is definitely a great example of what we are learning of in IMT! I wonder what the reason of why Po was chosen as the Dragon Warrior. Was there a reason? Or was he just automatically chosen as the Dragon Warrior. Did Oogway have all the answers, so he knew that Po was it from the beginning? Is he just that visionary? How so? How did he become like that? These are just some food for thought questions that I had.

  2. Hiago Alves Correa


    Master Oogway could understand clearly the initial conditions. So, he was able to predict that Po would be a good warrior. However, Master Shifu did not understand and he did not believe that Po would be the Dragon Warrior. In the scene, Master Shifu accepted that he had no control over others and decided to guide Po to learn Kung Fu.

  3. Reply

    This is an interesting clip from the movie that shares with us that we must rid ourselves of our misconception of control over overs to begin to realize the outcome of an event is dependent upon a combination of the natural laws and a person’s initial conditions.
    This is what we are learning in IMT, and I am beginning to understand it more and more.

  4. Stephen Phelps


    This is a perfect example of the IMT principle that there is no influence nor control in the world. I am coming to understand something that I had been taught wrong over the course of my entire life. I am coming to realize just how applicable this principle is, as I am listening to my friends and helping them more by simply doing nothing. In this video Master Oogway teaches this principle to Shifu by helping him to focus on those things that he has personal control over and can understand. As evidenced in this video, Shifu exemplifies how most people are so hesitant to believe IMT principles. The main principle I observed in this video was that there no random events occur but rather are all things are dependent on the initial conditions.

  5. Isaac Martinez


    I know this is just a cartoon, I know it’s Just Jack Black playing the voice of a chubby panda and Dustin Hoffman the voice of a Kung Fu master; but there is much truth in what this film represents and the silent under tones being conveyed parallel that of the IMT teachings. Once we can perceive that control has no real substance, we can truly lead productive and harmonious lives.

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