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Cancer and diabetes are widespread, malicious, diseases that are taking lives at record-breaking rates all over the world. In 2009 it was estimated that 12.5 million people had some type of cancer and another 25.8 million had diabetes. The million dollar question that all doctors and cancer/diabetes patients are asking is simply “how can future generations cure and prevent these diseases?” The answer is simple: A healthy diet.

Cancer and diabetes both feed off of processed sugars that enter the body through refined and processed foods. If people were to stop eating these types of “unhealthy” foods they could potentially slow down, reverse, or even get rid of their cancer and/or diabetes.

Many doctors and cancer/diabetes patients spend the majority of their time focusing on the disease at a cellular level. But, scientists are finding out that the cure does not lie in the details of the disease, rather in the overall unhealthy diet of the patient. This new information resulting from a simple diet change is easy to understand, and far less risky and invasive as other forms of treatment for cancer and diabetes, such as chemotherapy, insulin shots, and medications.

The cure and prevention is simply to eat less refined and processed foods, because these contain the most amount of sugars that cancer and diabetes use to grow. Heighten your knowledge by reading the labels on food packages before purchasing and eating them. If you gather more information from the beginning, you will pose less risk and stress on your health.


Here’s How to Starve Cancer to Death By Removing One Thing From Your Diet

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  1. Vijayanand Narasimhamoorthi


    This article mentions a statement saying, perceiving available information and taking a decision based on evident information. This also closely relates to my health issue. I was diagnosed obese earlier, I was advised to watch my diet carefully. From then on, I turned into a health freak. I was vigilant on what I eat and made sure that I wasn’t eating any unhealthy food. It requires self control from unhealthy food. The more you focus over the healthy diet, the more you get rid of diseases.

  2. Meridith Vogelsang


    This is a great article and I have seen first hand how a healthy diet can reduce the growth of cancer. My best friends mother had undiagnosed cancer in her body for about a year before it was discovered. However, thanks to her incredibly healthy diet, the cancer had barely grown and was easily treated. This diet included a huge variety of vegetables and a restriction on all processed foods in general.

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