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All human being are on their own quest for happiness. Some think fame and fortune will bring happiness, so they do everything to be known. Some think that money will bring happiness, so they will do anything for more money. There are so few people who actually can find happiness but it is not in materials possession or tangible things.

This song tells a story of a girl who is trying to be happy. She does all she can but realizes in the end something is missing.  

Some questions you should ask your self

  1. What kind of person do you want to become?
  2. How does lying, cheating, and deceiving affect your self?
  3. What brings true happiness?

Comments (3)

  1. Joseph Del Rosario


    In this song, the girl searches for an environment to satisfy her, unsatisfied with every one she is in. However, she never changes in the end and is still dissatisfied with her life. It is truly a sad story that highlights most people’s pursuit in life. They fail to look inward believing the answer lies somewhere else further distancing themselves from what they truly desire.

  2. Andrew Hickey


    I want to be a genuine person who makes a positive impact in people’s lives. I believe people want to help other’s and see people be happy. So lying, cheating, and deceiving will make ourselves less transparent (more type C) and people will not know our true self. If people do not know what we want or what makes us happy, then how can we expect people in our environment to make us happy? I think these three characteristics hurt our environment and since our environment is our own identity. Having honest and open relationships to every person or thing in our environment makes a truly happy because we will continually grow from those around us who are know what makes us happy with transparency.

  3. Allison Baker


    I think being an honest person is best because it makes your life less complicated. Lying, cheating, and deceiving create further problems because you are avoiding one small issue and making it a much bigger deal. I think true happiness comes when you are honest not only with others but also with yourself.

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