The majority of society blindly follows a leader without assessing his credibility or the merits of his ideas. This clip from Madagascar 2 perfectly reflects this universal truth as the animals eagerly accept King Julian’s proposal without looking for dominant information proving that the idea will actually work. Even King Julian appears skeptical that his plan will be successful, but the type C animals still follow him because they are too blind to notice how absurd the plan is.  Individuals must take time in order to accurately observe reality and determine whether someone is an expert before falling under their perverse leadership.

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    Here we have a leader who appears to not really be knowing what he is talking about and he is surrounded by others waiting on his decision.
    The expression on the crowds faces to me seemed as though they too did not know, and were blindly awaiting the final outcome.
    This illustrates that many are blindly awaiting directions from those who may not be an expert.
    In IMT we learn that the expert has all of the information available to use in making his/her decision.

  2. Stephen Phelps


    This is such a true principle for selecting our leaders especially within democracy. People want a better hope for tomorrow and when someone has the ability to offer them what they want, whether they are actually able to deliver it or not, they anxiously follow that leader. It is interesting to think about the concept of leadership in these terms, people want a leader who can do something for them that they cannot do for themselves. I believe that this especially applies according the the level of knowledge of a particular audience, the less they know the more likely they are to select a leader like Julian that is not adequate for the leadership position. We can regularly view how this occurs in society around us as we look at who has been chosen to be our leaders and why they were elected.

  3. Brian Snedden


    This is absolutely right. I think the holocaust is the same thing as this, except a different leader & people.

    People need to be individual thinkers and not live in a silo.

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