Upon learning IMT, I felt inclined to go back and view the TED Talk, “How to Make Choosing Easier” by Sheena Iyengar, again. When I originally viewed the video, I was deeply interested in the management techniques she mentioned, but the IMT ideas I have now are giving me even more insight. The insight I gained from it was completely different upon comparison. Some of the things that I learned from the video focused on topics that we had highlighted in class such as, keeping it simple, choice overload, and the idea of initial conditions leading to one final result.

Iyengar introduced her idea of a “Choice Overload Problem” when talking about a store that offered aisles and aisles of different oil, mustard, and jam choices. She set up a study that found that when customers were offered to taste test 6 jam types vs. 24 jam types, they were more likely to actually buy the product. This introduced the idea of simplifying product choices. Less is more! Every event has initial conditions that lead to one final result. If you have all the knowledge pertaining to the initial conditions, then you would be able to accurately predict the outcome. There is no chance involved. When this thought process is used, we quickly see that life is simple. The result is set by the initial conditions and there is no point complicating the process. Iyengar talks about how having too many choices and making things too complex actually reduces engagement, decision quality, and satisfaction.

This idea of keeping things simple was explained with an example about managers. Many managers are required to make thousands of decisions each day, however, successful managers make most of their decisions in just 9 minutes. Only 12% of decisions actually talk over an hour for them to make. This shows again the concept of Iyengar’s less is more approach in response to choice overload.

The first viewing of the video was interesting, but I feel like I learned even more the second time having applied my knowledge from IMT.

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