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Malala is a 16 year old girl, born and brought up in the patriarchal society of Swat in northern Pakistan, which is run by the Taliban. Malala originally stated blogging about the life under the oppressive Taliban for BBC under an alias, but then went public with her campaign for equal education opportunities for boys and girls.

This was a very controversial topic in a society where women were banned from being educated and were expected to run a family. She risked death for her opinions, and as a result was shot in the head in October 2012. She was sent to Britain for extensive surgeries, and now resides there with her family. She is in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize later this month, which has prompted the Taliban to issue a public threat against her, saying if given the chance they will kill her for her tyranny against Islam. Malala now aspires to become a politician and attain equal rights for boys and girls in Pakistan, and hope to make education mandatory for all children despite gender.

Malala is a leader. She didn’t do what she did to become famous, or gain money. She actually started everything because she wanted to educate herself despite what society said she could do or not. She wanted to improve herself to reach her full potential. This displayed to the world her vast courage and ability. She could be poor and have nothing, yet she is happy because she is getting educated and has spread her message on the importance of education to the world. In other words, her success isn’t measured by how much money she has attained or even her fame, but by how she has self-improved and grown. She has developed into such a courageous face for global equal right movements and is in line to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Without even meaning to, a girl who once sought out education to reach her full potential has become the face of Global equal rights movements and is now in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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  1. Scott Ridout


    Malala is undoubtedly a leader, but are her efforts to advocate for women’s rights in Pakistan more type A or type C. Pakistani’s clearly want to suppress female freedoms. By trying to change this, Malala is trying to control the situation. Even though women’s rights will increase Pakistan’s overall freedom, trying do so in the face of popular opposition is type C behavior.

  2. Teja Reddy


    This is is an inspiring story, according to me Malala is a true leader, she did not wanted to be one, but her actions turned her into one. She will become a inspiring model for all girls in her country. She was not like others, who were controlled by religion or groups, she opposed them, she stuck to her principles and thoughts which made her a leader, she did not give speeches by gathering people. These qualities and thoughts of Malala makes her a true leader.

  3. Nick Galles


    Malala has an incredibly inspiring story and you make great points about her abilities as a leader. I think she also exemplifies the concept that we create our own environment; our environment does not create us. Malala did not allow an oppressive government to control her actions and her thoughts, but rather she attempted to educate herself and create the life that she wanted.

  4. Reply

    I believe Malala embodies a personality closer to type “A” in KSM whereas her counterpart, the Taliban, is a type “C” group. The Taliban’s main purpose is to control people and have them transform to their ideology. They use very brutal force and kill whoever gets in the way of their mission. On the other hand, Malala takes control of herself and does not let the environment influence her decisions and her goals. She is proactive to the Taliban present in her environment rather than reactive because she does not live in fear and inhibits the outside environment from changing her. Malala embodies a leader, since she is not controlling, but instead, is in control of herself and loves learning. She is a very perceptive young lady and has a vision to educate women worldwide without using violent force. Activists from all around the world began following and supporting Malala during the past year. Hopefully with Malala’s leadership, women, especially in Pakistan, will be given the chance to receive an education and the Taliban’s control will be ousted.

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