Milos Raonic is a gifted tennis player that stands out from the rest. What makes him so unique is his age, his style, and his mental fortitudeĀ At the age of 17, Milos started the pro circuit and didn’t find much success but he continued to compete and improve. He went from an unranked player to a highly ranked player quickly. He plays with an older style that most players don’t use anymore. This style along with his trained skills allow him to get an advantage over others in the game. Although his skills and style are amazing, his greatest trait lies in his mental fortitude.

It is not unusual to see tennis players shriek, scream, or triumphantly yell to intimidate their opponents but Milos doesn’t use these types of methods to try and influence others. Instead of this intimidation, Milos keeps calm and plays his game. Milos Runic has proven to be a visionary player with his skills, his style, and his mental fortitude. All of these characteristics are what make him an all-star tennis player!

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  1. J. Gill


    Maria Sharapova has been known as one of the biggest shriekers the game of tennis has ever seen. But she has been very successful as well. She has 6 grand slam titles to her name already. I too feel screaming and shrieking are annoying but nobody can doubt the fact that Maria is a champion and one of the best the game has ever seen.

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