Torture has been around for ages and has been used in many different ways. The traditional reasons for torture is to punish and discourage others from committing crimes but the most common use is to obtain information. Although torture is considered inhumane and uncivilized, the practice continues today because people believe that it is necessary to get important information from prisoners. The ethics and morality of torture has always been debated. During World War I and World War II, torture became very prevalent with both sides of the wars. Many countries, in desperate need, justified torturing people to gain top secret information. Under this idea that torture was an efficient method of getting information out of people, society has seen a need to continue the practice of torture. With modern day statistics and investigation, scientists have discovered that information obtained from torture is basically useless and unreliable because of the inconsistency and stability of the prisoners. Using this information, we have taken a complex situation and simplified it to make it transparent. I propose that we should stop the use of torture, since we now understand that torture doesn’t help in obtaining needed information.

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