Haiku #1

Others may engage
In words coated with disdain
For aggravation

Yet they cannot harm
Your self, your passion, your soul
For you decide you

You are empowered
Only you may sway yourself
Yes, you decide you.


Haiku #2

Why spend your seconds
Seeking to influence change
Amongst endless crowds

Change comes from within
Happiness comes from within
Love comes from within

Look inside yourself
You might be wholly surprised
By your potential.

Comments (3)

  1. Paulo Miro


    Haiku #1 is simple yet straight to the core of what we have agreed on in class – the concept of no control or influence and the idea that as an individual I am the only person who decides what will affect me and change me; whether that be others’ words or actions.

    Haiku #2 was an enjoyable read because it is freeing in that the reader understands that in order to use his time wisely he must not focus on demanding change from others and rather he can spend all of that time understanding his own self in order to better love/treat others.

  2. Jenn Cardoza


    I’ve now taken two semesters of IMT and understand the concepts of no influence or control, but these poems absolutely spoke to me on a personal level. A few months ago I was so focused on trying to get ex-boyfriend back because I believed that being with him was the only way I was going to be truly happy. Both haikus, especially the second one, completely describe what I realized earlier this semester and continue to tell myself every time I start to feel down about my ex. It is completely true that once you start actively loving yourself and doing things to make you happy, true happiness follows. Thank you for the post, I’ll definitely be saving the poems to my computer.

  3. Ruthie


    I wrote these Haikus to further display the concept of no control, and I am happy to see that this post made it to the site!

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