All events are connected. The final conditions of one event create the initial conditions of another. Within one event, there are a multitude of smaller events, and all events together make up a single larger event. Thus all, instances of time are connected.

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Explanation : Our lives are seemingly unpredictable. Because we lack information, our perceived future is forever changing. As we gain more knowledge we begin to see our paths unfold in front of us by way of natural laws, and we are able to better understand where our life is going. Because we can’t possess 100% information, it seems that we’re forever changing our direction, but are we? How many outcomes can we perceive? How many possible outcomes are there? Can we predict the future without 100% information?

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Explanation: “Our lives are not our own.” In every moment our choices and actions pave our future and the future of others. We exist today because of the initial conditions that have proceeded this moment and the future outcomes are birthed by our own current conditions. Are any two events unrelated? Who else is part of our own event? When does an event end and when does one begin?

*For more information make sure to read the book of the same name by David Mitchell

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  1. Saransh Prasad


    The article forms one of the basic tenets of IMT, that each and every event is connected to each other and that though due to ones inability to perceive the information available the outcome of the event is as is. There being no other outcome to any given event than the one single outcome. At first it maybe hard to believe so but looking back upon the conditions after knowing the outcome one will understand so and it is this understanding that can help us understand that if all the information is available to us and we perceive it then the outcome of the event can be predicated before the event even occurs.

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