pexels-photo-largeEvery individual will have to stop working at some point or the other, and the timing of this depends on each individual. Some cannot wait until they hit the age of 65, so that they can retire and start doing all of the items on their bucket list that they have been meaning to do. Others have to continue to work because they do not have the financial means to live off of Social Security alone or simply wish to have more money. Finally, the group that is most intriguing, as it relates to our class discussions, is the group of individuals who choose to continue to work but not due to financial need. These people have other reasons to continue to go to work every day and many of these reasons are discussed in this article.

In the article, it discusses one elder gentleman named Frank Pascerelli who,

“…has not stopped working, not because he can’t afford to stop or because he saw investments go sour. He’ll be 80 next month and is financially set, he says. He just enjoys working.” Frank Pascerelli had tried to retire but that did not last long for him and he said “that’s not for me.” Frank knew that he wanted to keep working because that is what he enjoyed doing and what made him happy. Another individual named Edward Gerjuoy who is 93 years old said “I really feel that working keeps me youthful.” He then added on and declared “but even more than that, I feel if you’re here, you should have some function in life. I think this idea that one owes something to society has grown on me.” This demonstrates that Edward Gerjuoy continuing to work might be more than just something he enjoys doing because it might also be that he feels he should be giving back to others and this is where the enjoyment stems from. Finally, Sharon Mahoney who is 68 and a registered nurse says that “…being able to help people and form relationships with them is what keeps me going. Helping others is a job quality that enhances life.” Therefore, it is evident from this that the continuation of work actually is enjoyable because she is helping others, and this is a crucial part of life to understand.

From all of these examples in the article, it is evident that these elder individuals who continue to work for reasons other than financial need have something interesting, to say the list, inside them. They know who they are and they know that their wish is to continue to work even when they know that they can stop. These individuals are definitely more Type A from what we have talked about in class and understand that they can only understand themselves and be who they are. These people know that it is within them to continue to work and that they should be giving back to society because that is what provides happiness to individuals. People must understand themselves, do what they love after they understand who they are, and then find out how to give back to others by doing what they love in order to be happy as Dr. Dean Kashiwagi has explained.



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