gooddell On Monday, September 8th, 2014, TMZ released a video that confirmed Ray Rice’s domestic violence towards his then fiance and present wife Janay Rice. The article focused more on the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell disciplinary actions towards Ray Rice. A month before the video was released Roger Goodell issued a two game suspension of Ray Rice, which was perceived as minimal punishment for a star NFL player. However, no actual video evidence was publicly announced. In addition, his wife took the blame for Ray Rice’s actions, which probably lead to the minimal punishment by the NFL. Now, news has surfaced that the NFL had possession of this video from the beginning, begging the question why Roger Goodell and the NFL did not publicly announce the evidence as well as issue a harsher punishment to Ray Rice. Only when TMZ released the video did the NFL temporary suspend Ray Rice from any football activities.

One of main points in the article deals with why the NFL and Roger Goodell held out on evidence to the public and only acted accordingly once the video was leaked. In addition, Roger Goodell has personally taken responsibility for being not only the commissioner of the NFL, but the disciplinary committee on his own. This begs the question of Goodell’s professionalism, having too much power, and not being an expert in the disciplinary field. The fact that Goodell has appointed himself the boss of the disciplinary actions of the NFL means that he is not letting experts, such as legal authorities, deal with these types of issues. Instead, he is, and has been making complicated decisions by himself. This not only complicates issues that are already subjective, but also restricts the actual experts in disciplinary and legal matters to effective do their job. Hence, Goodell has been leaning more towards the “right side” and has become more of a type C person. Again and again Goodell has been blamed for either being too strict or too lenient on disciplinary actions. The article refers to him as being slow to change how the NFL deals with disciplinary actions, and should be removed as the leader of how the NFL handles these issues. Instead, legal experts should form committees and Goodell should simply let these people conduct their jobs accordingly. This directly relates to IMT and how bosses are most effective when they do not make decisions and let the real experts conduct the work. In addition, withholding information from the public to make legal decisions not only complicates issues that should be straightforward, but withholding information to others means that the legal authorities cannot make or predict the correct outcome of this domestic violence case. In this case, Goodell is managing the NFL disciplinary committee (right side), has shown randomness in his decisions (right side), has not shown leadership or expert knowledge on legal matters, and has reactive behavior (right side) simply because TMZ finally leaked the video. In my opinion, Goodell should relinquish his power as disciplinary manager and assign actual experts and legal authorities to the job. Therefore, the decision-making is simpler, more consistent in thought, and hopefully evidence and vital information will not be withheld to the public.


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