Fearless – Tea Conversation

The ability to accurately observe reality is a valuable skill. Judgments and grading systems are often skewed by individuals’ personal views and consequently fail to provide an accurate depiction of reality. The two men in the clip discuss their tea while alluding to their perceptions on fighting styles and general world views. The man in

Let it Be

In life, many concepts are difficult to understand, so individuals often judge things to be inherently good or bad. The news is packed with political issues, accidents, catastrophes and much more, but who is to say what is good and bad? A situation can be “bad” for one person and “good” for another. Most people strive to eliminate these “bad” things in life by controlling others to doing what they think is right for the other. This is not an accurate approach.

Two Story House

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The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill.

It is human nature to think that there is something better out there in the world. Every person in the world has had dreams of the perfect life, which really is not better than their present life.