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This article explains how Pennsylvanian taxpayers will soon be paying at least $400/hr for Governor Tom Corbett to hire the William H. Lamb law firm to fight a federal lawsuit challenging the state’s 1996 ban on gay marriage. Additionally, Steve Esack of The Morning Call (a Lehigh Valley newsource) claims that associates from a separate law firm working on the case will earn $325/hr, and neither of these prices covers additional payments for state lawyers also working on the case.The worst part is that all of this money is going to the losing side of an argument; a poll from Franklin & Marshall College found that, by a 52 to 41 percent margin, Pennsylvanians support marriage equality.

History identifies that trying to control people, in this case preventing people from marrying who they want to marry, is a losing battle. And in this process, thousands of dollars and countless hours of time will be wasted. It would be much simpler for the state government to simply listen to its citizens and allow for gay marriage, ultimately aligning the laws with their wants and needs, rather than continue to waste their time and effort on opposing it.

Article Reference: Pennsylvania Taxpayers Will Shell Out Big Bucks To Defend Unpopular Gay Marriage Ban – Linkins, Jason – Huffingtonpost – September 6 2013 – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/06/ pennsylvania-gay-marriage_n_3882153.html


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  1. Allison Baker


    Slightly more Pennsylvanians are supportive of gay marriage than against it, yet the losing side still desperately tries to control the outcome. I am unsure about whether the people against gay marriage are the only Type C personality…wouldn’t both sides actively try to control the outcome, either those attempting to change laws or those trying to keep the ban in place? Would someone who doesn’t participate in the political system at all be Type A? I am confused about how this situation would fit into IMT.

  2. Saransh Noel Prasad


    Again we see the ugly head of Governmental control rearing up and this time in the form of trying to uphold the ban on same sex marriages. As already stated in IMT control and influence are merely imaginary things and these are the traits of a C type person living and thinking in his own silo and not really willing to change. When will the government understand that whatever it does to control or curb any sort of activity, it will only end up losing.

  3. Scott Ridout


    The Pennsylvania government is a good example of the traditional leadership model. The structure of Pennsylvania’s government is top down. This model increases management, decision making, and ultimately risk. Pennsylvania’s governor is also attempting to control the gay population in his state from marrying. Control is a right side, type c, traditional leadership characteristic. Pennsylvania needs to reform their government and consider the new alignment based leadership model. This model promotes minimization of management, risk, and control through resource alignment and adaptability. However, once rigid bureaucracies are established by the US government, they are extremely difficult to change or discard.

  4. Isaac Martinez


    Once again, not only is our government attempting to control the population by upholding these draconian statutes (anti marriage laws), they are also trying to ensure that we live our lives in “silos”. It’s the gays versus the straights in an all out knock-down drag-out fight; or so we are lead to blindly believe by our oh-so enlightened politicians. Our government continues to push and push the issue that gay marriage is immoral and unethical; going against the grain of christian doctrine and principles which most members of congress proclaim to abide by. Is it not so that the christian religion encourages forgiveness and compassion for our neighbors?

  5. Marlynn Radford-Brown


    Pennsylvania, being a commonwealth state and one of the founding colonies of our nation has always had a problem with accepting change. The state is controlled by old money and generations of the same families trying to keep the state in the dark ages. It is of no surprise to me, that these efforts and spending are only a ruse to proving a point the the evolving citizens that reside there. The governor would rather waste all this time and money in attempts to keep the population of Pennsylvania from being heard and recognized on the issue of gay marriages. This is just an attempt of the few trying to control the many, which is an antiquated way of government that no longer has a lasting life-cycle.

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