150619 Mind HealthMany people operate under the impression that they can control others. I am proposing that this mindset has a direct negative impact on their health given the following logical progression. If people believe they can control others, I think it is safe to assume that, in a way, they are not respecting the autonomy of others and thus view them as entities instead of individuals. Given such a perception, I believe that they view their health in a similar way. That is to say, I think these individuals take a view of their health as an external entity to them, feeling like they are in complete control of it. In doing so, they will only likely realize that they cannot control the occurrence of adverse health events until they have already fallen susceptible to them. This is of course in contrast to Type A individuals, who would be more likely to view their health as part of their molecule that they need to respect and thus maintain, leading to a healthier life.

Another aspect of one’s perception that I feel could be linked to their physical health is one’s idea of their relationship with the environment. If one is of the mindset that they control their environment, they are likely to be a Type A individual. Conversely, a Type C individual would think that the environment controls them. The Type A individual will view food and physical activities as their responsibility given their perception of controlling their environment. This mindset will yield behavior that is self-accountable and proactive in respect to health, thereby prolonging a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, a Type C individual will lack such accountability given the belief that their environment controls them. They will likely view food choices as unchangeable products of their environment. Likewise, they will justify a lack of proactive health action through citing circumstantial excuses such as work or stress. I propose that this mindset yields perpetuation of an approach to life that is reactive and ultimately detrimental to one’s health.

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