The San Francisco Globe did a story on a remarkable artist who does not use paint, pencils, or use a canvas to create art. Andres Amador is an artist who uses a rake and nature [beach sands], and extracts what many people are not able to see. Andres spends countless hours creating masterpieces on the beach that are often larger than 100K square feet, and wash up quickly by the tides. The artwork is seen best, when looking down upon it from above. He now has taken his ability to see, and hosts classes on the beach, teaching people how to do this magnificent feat.

An important lesson can be learned from IMT. Let us say the beach artwork is the event, and the particles of sand represent all the information in that event. It becomes daunting to think how one can accurately see a finished masterpiece, when one cannot distinguish one particle of sand [information] from another. What Andres is able to do, like all visionaries, is to disregard the details and rise above to 30K feet, and begin to see at a bird’s eye view. Visionaries can perceive information at a higher rate, and are able to quickly see what is dominant and make things simple. They know how the final masterpiece will look in the beginning, before any work begins. In life, if we can follow the principles of the visionaries, and only look for what is dominant and make things simple, we too will be able to see our masterpieces from beginning to end, help others do the same, and become more productive doing it.


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