5989921930_ecb6220d92On February 24, 2010, Tilly, a killer whale, brutally attacked an animal trainer at SeaWorld. Tilly jerked her into the pool, thrashing her around underwater as dozens of horrified tourists watched. SeaWorld President Dan Brown said none of its parks had ever experienced a similar incident. He pledged a thorough review of the park’s procedures. Many would assume that this was a “freak accident”, or was unpreventable and unpredictable.

As we took a look at the past history of Tilly and different information about SeaWorld, it became clear that this incident was no “freak accident”. We found out a couple of key facts that explained why this incident occurred.

Key Facts

  1. Tilly had been involved in two previous killings.
  2. There was a similar incident four years prior at San Diego SeaWorld.
  3. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health warned SeaWorld of this type of event. 

After analyzing the situation and looking at the key facts of Tilly, we can conclude that this incident was in fact preventable and predictable. There is no such thing as “chance” or “randomness”. Even seemingly incredulous incidents can be understood when looking at the dominant information.



1. This link contains a article about the 2010 incident with Tilly (the orca).



2.This link contains Background Information about Tilly the Orca and his past history.



Additional References:


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  1. Stephen Phelps


    Initial conditions truly can help us to predict and understand future conditions. This is such a dominant example to illustrate this natural law. It is so interesting to see how people avoid what is unpopular information because it is not convenient share these details. From this course we can see how it is important to share the most important information in the most efficient and effective means possible. This information is such detailed example of right-sided thinking by not communicating the dominant information and instead focusing on the technical details that people wanted to hear. Likewise, it could be predicted that SeaWorld would attempt to cover up this material and declare this to be a “freak accident” because most people are “Type C” individuals and ignore the information that is before them.

  2. Haitham


    I think his accident is predictable since this whale has a history of killing twice before this accident and president know that and should take it out. Sea world was warmed by the California division of occupation safety that tilly is dangerous to here.

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