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Peter Shadbolt reports the first shark killing in Western Australia today in the government’s new culling program. The government stated that shark attacks caused 7 fatalities in the state over the past 3 years.

This program does not make sense from a big picture perspective. A lot of energy is spent on a minor problem when looking at overall causes of death in Australia. Last year alone work-related deaths were 1851 and motor vehicle deaths totaled 11932. These metrics confirm that shark attacks account for very few deaths overall and are not as important in the big picture.

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  1. Scott Jones


    This article is the perfect example of what not to do. I understand that the people of Australia want to protect its people, but by looking at only one aspect of the problem instead of the big picture, you assume your solution is not only the right one, but the only one. Culling the sharks may lower the amount of attacks, but the efforts of the Australian government could be put to better use elsewhere. As the author stated, automobile deaths count for far more deaths than sharks ever have. This is just one example of a better place that efforts could be put.

  2. Hossein Vashani


    I believe they are acting like type C people who try to control and make decisions however, they do not have information. They are not aware of the future. They are killing sharks and I think it may cause some environmental and biological problems for the people. By education and giving information to people, they can make them aware of dangers that they can face by swimming in areas that are probable to have sharks. Here, we can see that there is not any preplanning in order to control these deaths and injuries. The government should gain enough information from experts to make the situation more transparent.

  3. Peter Williams


    While well-intentioned, this method of shark-culling appears to be inefficient. The situation reminds me of the “teach a man to fish” adage; instead of killing sharks because they have killed a number of people, people should be trained on how to minimize the risk of encountering a shark in the first place. This “solution” of shark culling is reactionary (RS) and doesn’t address the root of the problem; a system of education and prevention would be more proactive (LS) and long-term solution.

  4. Melissa Dunn


    I feel this article also further exemplifies how many people have their “scope of vision” locked in to a view that is just at the tip of their nose. Many people in Australia are narrowing their line of sight so far down that they are chasing after a cause that is hardly impacting the overall death rate. They are not being efficient or effective with their time, effort, money, and resources. They are so focused on one minute piece of data that the rest of the data has become irrelevant to them and has been pushed aside. These people need to instead broaden their scope of vision for the reasons causing death in Australia and focus on the bigger picture, more impacting problems like work related deaths and motor vehicle deaths.

  5. Nick Synodis


    This is a great example of why “more control” (or more regulation) is not a good thing. With media coverage as widespread as it is, many people and politicians have a knee-jerk reaction that involves trying to make things more safe by increasing regulation. In some cases it’s guns; here it’s sharks. Either way, if people were more mindful (if they had more information, or even wanted to have more information), they wouldn’t swim in clearly-marked shark-infested waters.

  6. Camille Armendariz


    I think that this articles is just another example of people trying to control their surroundings and to control the present to give them a future that they want. What the Premier does not understand is that he cannot control the sharks or the shark attacks even by killing them. He can’t control something that is natural (the predatory behavior of sharks) or shark attacks in general. People don’t realize that the means that they take to try and prevent something from happening usually aid in the process of the event occurring. He also doesn’t know and is not prepared for the impacts of this new legislation and the backlash that it might have. There are more effective, efficient, and less harmful ways to bring awareness of the presence of sharks at beaches to the people such as the tracking system. This does not hurt the sharks, is more sustainable, and provides us with more information.

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