An article titled, “Should schools ban homework?” was recently published on CNN. This article addressed an interesting perspective regarding homework amounts throughout the world. Recently an elementary school in Quebec banned homework for students for one year; however, they are not the first school to have done so. Finland greatly reduced the amount of homework given to students and they found that the students’ test scores actually increased. In 2011 when a school in Los Angeles tried to reduce the percentage of the grade that homework accounted for, they were met with outrage. A panel actually had to be created to debate and eventually raise the percentage.

The people in this article are interested in controlling and influencing others. Since students have been assigned homework for the past century or so, many believe that the benefits of such work outweigh the costs. The panel who argued to raise the percentage seemed to be more interested in controlling the school system and students’ activities rather than try out a new program to see if the results were beneficial. Even though other schools across the world have tried a few different techniques, the panel was close-minded and didn’t want to try to change the homework system. This demonstrates the ineffectiveness and the detrimental effects they can pose on society.


Kralovec, Etta. “Should schools ban homework?” CNN. N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Sept. 2014.


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  1. Honi St. Marie-Lloyd


    ABSOLUTELY! Ban homework- not even because I don’t like it. Honestly, this semester I have had mainly optional homework assignments, however, this is the best I have done in school and I feel significantly less stressed out. Give the control to the kids. Teach them to go the extra mile because they need to not because they are assigned to.

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