people-apple-iphone-writing-largeWe live in a world now where social media is a big part of our lives. It started with MySpace and Facebook and has now progressed to Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. These apps have not only made keeping up with all of your friends, no matter where they live, so much easier, but have also opened portals to following anyone you want or finding new and interesting people that you can learn all about with just the click of a button. With all this freedom to check out new people it is getting many of people in trouble, especially the people in relationships. In this article they describe how social media is directly related to people cheating on their significant other or partner and that it influences them to do so. On social media it is so easy to come across a picture of someone you believe is attractive and it leads you to following the link on the picture to their accounts where you can see more pictures and get more information about this person. Even though you may be in a relationship looking at peoples profiles or liking pictures is not really cheating, but this article says that it will definitely lead you to it. Liking a picture turns into, writing on their profile, which leads to direct messaging them and then getting their phone number and before you know it you are texting another person while you are in a serious relationship. This texting inevitably shows a deeper connection then just a friendship and leads people to become a cheater and not being faithful to the one they are actually with. This cheating is ultimately blamed on social media and the influence it has on people now a days.

night-television-tv-theme-machines-largeAccording to IMT, there is no such thing as influence so social media cannot influence someone to become a cheater. If they are cheater, they are born with this trait and even if there wasn’t anything like Facebook or Instagram that person would still probably cheat on the person they are with just in a more conventional way. The beginning conditions are always related to the ending conditions, so a cheater was born a cheater and social media has nothing to do with it. Cheating is an awful thing and hopefully it never happens to you, but hopefully you will be able to see that they are before you get involved since IMT allows you to be able to predict what may happen based on the dominant information, or the background of the person you want to be with. Like they say: once a cheater, always a cheater.

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