There is an age old question that many people have different opinions about. The question is what is leadership and what does it mean to be a good leader? There are so many classes, schools, and seminars on the subject of  leadership. The way we can understand how to become a good leader is to look at great leaders. Among other things, Steve Jobs was known for his management style. Above is a video in which Jobs discusses his leadership technique.

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  1. Haitham


    This person is a great example of the leaders, he used the IMT to run his company with less meeting time and no control. while he was talking in the video I just remembered that I don’t do well when someone told me to do thinks and watch what I ma doing. However I do well and someone told me what them want and I have to figure it out myself and do it my way.

  2. mohammad alsaif


    I think to be a good leader in a company or any where else is to give the experts the follow authority for there division, because they have the full information and the risks will go down. Know days everybody think leadership is to be involve in everything, but i think Steven jobs gave us a good example of giving the experts space so the company will be successful.

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