This song is about someone perpetually thinking about the action he has to take, but never actually doing anything. This is the person who knows that he isn’t happy and feels like he’s changing, but actually isn’t changing anything in his life. He has the belief that he would be happier doing something else, but is “staring” at the opportunity, not realizing that he actually has to do something to change how he feels.

Happiness doesn’t come magically or by chance. You actually have to do something or change something if you are not content with where you are. That’s the difference between someone who is more perceptive versus someone who is less perceptive. Someone who is less perceptive will “stare” at the solution and say, “I just need a little more evidence or proof to change what I’m doing.” Someone who is more perceptive will change his actions to do something about the way he is feeling rather than worrying about the weight of life’s problems and the ties back to their past ways.

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  1. Scott Jones


    I completely agree with you in regards to people’s perception. I think this song is an important commentary on the lives of people. I myself have had times I stare at a solution that is right in front of me, but am unable to act out of fear or some other emotion. This proves the point that more emotion can be considered a more right side and type C characteristic. When you let emotion block your own perception, you start to doubt yourself, which can lead to more decisions and higher risk.

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