The desire to be a hero starts young in the hearts of children. To be a hero is to change the world, or so it is commonly thought. However, in order to advance the causes and truly change the world, we do not need one hero. Jeffery Walker’s piece “Solving the World’s Biggest Problems Takes Ensembles, Not Soloists” carefully details the fact that the world does not need soloists, but rather great ensembles. His idea echoes similar themes of Information Measurement Theory. We need type A leaders, but type A leaders cannot work in silos, and cannot value themselves over everyone else. In order to make a change we need every member. Walker explains that the problems we encounter today are too big for a soloist, and thus they require ensembles with a variety of talents to enact powerful change. The article calls out a number of organizations that have worked together to prevent the passage of AIDS from mother to child, other organizations that combined to reduce the number of malaria related deaths, and an assortment of other examples. Collaboration efforts are more effective and Walker’s article details how to collaborate. Further, Walker is describing how to be a good leader or rather, a type A leader.


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  1. Adriana Nelson


    Being a part of a team has always been a part of my life. No matter where you go in life, chances are you are going to be working as a unit, instead of multiple individuals. This article accurately depicts my own experiences that I have had in working as a team, and for me that experience was in cheerleading. Cheerleading is a team sport, where we must work together to accomplish a common goal of hitting a perfect routine or a stunt. However, even if one person is missing, the whole unit falls a part. You never realize how great of an impact one individual can have until they are gone. Also, the more type A cheerleaders who are willing to come together as a team and focus on the common goal of everyone instead of their own individual gains, then the better the team will be.

  2. Vijayanand Narasimhamoorthi


    There is no doubt in the adage saying that ‘you cant change the world all by yourself’. This article is an example of it. As mentioned there is need for big number of Type A people who understands the value of the change and benefits of it. Type A person is open to change and perceives all the information, processes and applies the change faster. It is completely true that there are more number of Type C people than Type A. Thus a complete perception of information and transmitting it accurately would lead to success. Hence there is an abundant need of Type A people for solving biggest problems in World.

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