With so many geniuses in athletics, music, sciences, and arts, it can easy to get caught up in the idea that some people are just born with talent. Although we might find a few geniuses that show great talent at birth, we miss the majority of people who become geniuses because of the way they live their life! Success and greatness might appear to be given to people by luck or chance but if we truly understood the costs and sacrifices that people make for greatness, it would be clear why these people are geniuses.

Stephen Curry is an example of a person that is dedicated to greatness and improvement. The way he lives his life in practice, at games, and at home is the true measure of his success. He does everything with hard work, consistency, love, and dedication whether it is with his family at home or his team mates at a game. With all the work he has put in and the sacrifices that he has made, Stephen Curry deserves everything that he has achieved! People that are great don’t become great “by chance” or “by accident”, such things don’t exist in the world we live in today. As we understand what it takes to be great, we will find that it is a lot simpler than we expected but a lot harder than we thought.

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