150623 CancerIt is commonly accepted that diabetes is a preventable disease; but what about cancer? Counter to public knowledge, new research has surfaced that suggests that cancer can be entirely avoided as well.

The main points in this research are:

-Misinformation leads to people feeling victimized by their circumstances and powerless
-No disease is exempt from natural law, the importance of transparency in labeling packaged foods
-The complete control we have over our health.

150623 Sugar PlateThe research mentions that an estimated 12.5 million people had some form of cancer in 2009; this means that whether it is through a relative or a friend having it, almost everyone is affected by cancer in some way. However, the commonness of cancer has made people begin to believe that it is not something within our control – that it is merely a circumstantial event that targets certain people and leaves them without a chance to fight it. In IMT we would call this the belief of being a product of your environment – which leads to the belief of chance.

Dr. Otto Wartburg, expert in the field of biochemistry, argues that cancer is merely initiated by an unhealthy, non-oxidative breakdown of sugar. He explains that if one removes sugar from his or her diet, the body would simply be unable to develop cancer due to its inability to breakdown glucose non-oxidatively without sugar.

Looking through an IMT lens, this simply means that cancer, just as everything else, is not exempt from natural laws. With enough understanding of how tumor growth happens, one can simply alter his or her diet in order to prevent cancer development.

150623 Sugar SpoonThe food is known for hiding facts regarding the refined sugar present in many foods. This leads the common person to believe that simply removing obvious foods such as cakes and candies is enough to prevent cancer. IMT would suggest increasing the transparency of food labeling so that people would be more informed and would be able to make clear decisions on what foods to avoid.

In conclusion, according to Dr. Otto Wartburg’s expertise in the field, we have complete control over our health. Joint with the arguments that IMT makes, one can conclude that cancer can be eliminated through healthy dieting. This means that any person is not a victim of his or her environment and rather has all power over his or her life.

Source: Daily Health Post

Images: Earth Times, Ask Men, WCRFI

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  1. J.G.


    It is not due to lack of information that obesity and health problems are so widespread in the country, it is rather due to the willingness of the people to ignore the benefits of healthy eating and exercising. Most of the common health problems can be avoided simply by eating healthy and making sure one gets adequate amount of exercise. But people, as in IMT terms choose to be blind and ignore this information.

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