Everybody has a dream! Sugata Mitra’s dream is to build a school in the clouds. His idea is a shift in the present educational system. Instead of students being forced to learn and to take tests, he proposes to let them search out the answers for themselves. ┬áHe dreams of kids not having to go to school but learning at home, in groups, and other organizations being spurred by teachers that help.

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  1. John Murphy


    I find this idea rather intriguing. I strongly believe his idea is the means of education for the future. Now with our access to computers and the internet we have an great deal of information available to us. The cost of a higher education is sky rocketing to a price beyond belief and will soon be out of the reach for the middle class if cost of attendance does not slow its pace. The future of learning is “in the clouds”, we will soon learn from information given to us from the internet, either by being self taught or by learning together with your peers.

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