Brazil’s Blind Statues

Since 2014, protests in Brazil have grown to even higher levels as thousands of people took to the streets to rally against the corruption scandal that has embroiled the country. This demonstrations came as a result of investigations into former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and many other of the country’s top leaders

The Dark Knight – Ferry Experiment

One scene of Batman: The Dark Knight has the Joker, who managed to place bombs on two ferries: one carrying prisoners and the other carrying law-abiding citizens. The Joker has also given each boat the detonator to the other boat’s explosives, and threatens that if someone does not blow the other boat up then he will detonate the explosives on both boats. He is performing a twisted social experiment to see who would detonate each other’s bombs first.

Difficult Patients or Difficult Doctors?

Primary-care physicians consider about 15-20% of their patients to be “difficult.” These patients can be demanding and rude, and they are more likely to question the doctor’s expertise on things like vaccinating children. As a result, the doctor has a harder time understanding the patient’s problem, and difficult patients are more likely to be misdiagnosed

Religion for the Nonreligious

During winter break, I emailed Dr. Dean Kashiwagi a long explanation about my spiritual journey through life since Bangladesh. After hearing my story, he gave me an override to join the Deductive Logic class. The class has overall been an incredible growth experience. With a religious girlfriend bringing me around to my first contact with

Nepalese Slave Labor

Nepalese workers have been building Qatar’s 2022 Word Cup stadiums.  They work under harsh, terrible conditions daily.  However, after the April 2015 earthquake struck, the worst atrocity yet emerged: over 25,000 people died or were injured in the earthquake. But Nepalese workers are forbidden to visit their homeland for funerals of their family members. Nepal’s