Jack Ma: “Stop Complaining, You Can Find Opportunities”

  Jack Ma is the founder of the world-renowned global wholesale trade online platform called Alibaba. In this video, Jack clearly identifies the simple observation that many people in life overlook, because they are too busy complaining and in their own silos: That the majority of people in life are unwilling to change and always

Job Order Contracting

According to jocinfo, Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a unique indefinite quantity type of contract that enables facility owners to accomplish a large number of repair, maintenance and construction projects with a single, competitively bid contract. It eliminates the time and expense of completing the normal design-bid-construct cycle for each project. It allows facility owners

Public School Funding

school playground A functioning education system is a fundamental aspect of any society, and an educated population is necessary to create a competent workforce. However, in the United States, the public school system is too often mired in bureaucracy and involved in practices that lead to waste and go against the principles of Information Measurement Theory. One clear example of this is the method of allocating funds to schools that is known as Average Days of Attendance (ADA). This process is outlined in a KPBS article and is used in multiple states, including California, Kentucky, Idaho, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas.