23andMe: Diagnosing Diseases Before They’re Diseases

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This article is about the company 23andMe, and how it is growing exponentially. 23andMe runs genetic tests and is able to predict someone’s susceptibility to certain diseases. Genetic testing used to be super expensive, but it is now rapidly coming down in cost. This is allowing people to find out whether they may be at risk for diseases such as certain types of cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or many more.

Genome Sequencing for Babies Brings Knowledge and Conflicts



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With new advances in medicine, parents can have their baby’s entire genome sequenced relatively quickly and affordably. Christine Rowan, a mother to a premature daughter from Virginia brought her baby to the Children’s National Medical Center for genetic testing. While waiting for the results of the test, Rowan and her husband questioned whether or not they would keep the information from their daughter. The internal conflict is at the center of a heated debate about sequencing the entire genome of babies.