Gun Safety or Gun Control???

gun-lockArticle Summary:

Engineer Omer Kiyani has developed a device that is intended to mitigate gun accidents. The device attaches to the trigger of handguns and requires an authorized user’s fingerprint to activate the trigger. The idea is to stop gun accidents especially related to children. Though the technology may be lifesaving, it may not work to reduce accidents. There was much support for the device (72% of New Jersey gun owners), but only 14% of Americans are likely to buy these ‘smart’ guns. The people that will buy them are already at a lower risk of having gun related accidents happen in their household due to the fact that they are promoting gun safety (evidence is that they would buy the device). These accidents happen where gun safety is not addressed or is overlooked (the accident is the evidence).

Gun Control???

Gun-Control_zpse13fc312Article Summary:

This article from the Cato Institute discusses the myths and realities of Gun Control. It offers many metrics on this topic as well as studies done in various areas. The article makes two major points. The first is that tragedies involving guns are typically not the result of deficiency in gun control. Rather, the shooters of these tragedies had violated many gun laws. The specific tragedy mentioned was the Columbine shooting. The second point was that states that allow citizens to carry concealed weapons typically have lower crime rates.