Stress at Work is just as Bad as Secondhand Smoke

Studies throughout the years have indicated that stress can lead to many negative physical and mental outcomes. These studies have concluded that stress can lead to an increase chance of developing many illnesses, including various heart disease and depression. This article summarizes the results of a study done by Harvard Business School and Stanford University.


Microhydranencephaly is a very rare disorder in which the neural tube of a baby did not grow properly, resulting in a substantially small brainstem and an improperly formed cerebellum. In an article from, the story of a young boy, Jaxon Buell, with the disorder is described in honor of his first birthday. As stated

Greek Life

There are many common misconceptions about Greek life. The common perception of a frat boy can be depicted as a trouble maker that drinks alcohol, does drugs, and parties. Despite all of the misconceptions that are associated with Greek Life, the benefits can be very significant. Below are some facts about fraternities: -Every year fraternities