Dennis Rodman is Still Alive???

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CNN reports Dennis Rodman’s fourth trip into North Korea to train its basketball team for an exhibition match against former U.S. NBA players in the capital city of Pyongyang. Dennis Rodman, was reported to call Kim Jong Un, Dictator of North Korea, a “very good guy” and “friend for life.” Rodman was on his latest round of basketball diplomacy, during a time of political uncertainties. Rodman, visited North Korean short after the public display of Kim Jong Un’s uncle being executed, and U.S. missionary prisoner Kenneth Bae’s incarceration. Rodman explained how he was not there to take the place of U.S. diplomats, but use basketball as a medium to get above the silos of culture and country and see Kim Jong Un a little clearer. He finally mentions, how his basketball diplomacy is focused on helping President Obama get out of his silo, and see a way around the current failed efforts between the U.S. and North Korea.

Execution Style in North Korea!

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CNN reported late last year in 2013, Kim Jong Un, Dictator and son of the late Kim Jong II, brutally executed his uncle Jang Song Thaek, second in command and leader of the NK military, in front of a crowd of people. United States officials believe the strength of North Korean hierarchy is murky and unclear. North Korean official news reported, Jang Song Thaek was accused of trying to overthrow the current regime. Many believe this act of violence by Kim Jong Un, was in attempt to take back control of his country and rid the country of any thoughts or actions of rebellion.

The Illusion of North Korean Control

01_pyongyang_slide-e35f5675f04e244286b1db80ee0c873a34714c1c-s6-c30Article Summary:

Journalist Johan Nylander visited North Korea to cover a bike race starting in China and ending in North Korea. He thought that this would be an opportunity to document what North Korea really is like (via camera). There were two rules, no photos of military or the facilities and photos of portraits of the leaders had to show the full body. When leaving North Korea, a guard deleted pictures that he thought unfavorable portrayed the country even some that did not break the restrictions.