Lamar’s Butterfly

Artist Kendrick Lamar released his latest album, “To Pimp A Butterfly”, on 3/15/15 and it is projected to be his biggest success to date. His previous three albums discuss adversity and life growing up in Compton, California but they were not as focused as this album is to discussing racial issues and the implications of

The 5 Haikus

Deductive logic Who is on my molecule? Equilibrium Silos with People Understand your conditions Own your destiny We are all unique Determine environments Be visionary A bird sees the earth Much differently than a fish But both of them see Wealth is in the mind Doesn’t fit in your pocket True wealth is knowledge

More Haikus

Haiku #1 Others may engage In words coated with disdain For aggravation Yet they cannot harm Your self, your passion, your soul For you decide you You are empowered Only you may sway yourself Yes, you decide you.   Haiku #2 Why spend your seconds Seeking to influence change Amongst endless crowds Change comes from

The Little Kazoo

Off in a land where bluebells grow Where snapdragons run wild Where grass is blue and sky is green Which changes every mile. The land is known as Kharmantou, A joyous place to be. For it’s citizens are instruments That speak with melodies. The finest of the orchestra Call this land their home. From violin’s

Holding Hands

She held his hand quietly Her mind a still pond Minnows swimming quickly beneath the surface Mouth stayed closed Breath shallow and slow   She listened while she held his hand Absorbing word after word He spoke quickly She slowed the minnows Concentrate. Listen.   She welcomed his words while holding his hand They observe

An Almost-Haiku

The desire for complete and utter control is futile Focusing on my own life and powers frees my anxious heart Controlling myself is the only way to make my own mark Sketching out contours through self-evidence invigorates me Influence may not exist, but truths are interesting things Carving out my world one piece at a

End of the World

This poem speaks for itself.  Prince Ea makes the listener aware of several pitfalls that we, as a people, have fallen victim to.  We have polluted the natural environment, making it unlivable for some animal species.  We have become dependent upon medication and technology.  We have allowed discrimination based on race and religion to exist.