Oil: Public Perception and IMT

If you were to ask someone what the greatest challenge facing the oil industry today is, you’d hear a variety of possible responses: “pollution” “alternative energy” “resource depletion” “geopolitical conflict” and plenty more. However, none of these are true. It might be surprising (or perhaps it’s not), but public perception is the greatest threat faced

American President: Drinking Sand

The America People want leadership. Many people claim to have the leadership set of credentials but have failed to lead the country. When there is an absence of good leaders, the public will listen to any politician that steps up to the podium. Most people would think the reason the public will listen to anyone is because they are dying for a leader but that is all too wrong. The public follow any politician because they can’t tell the difference between a good one and a bad.

Why Are Gay Rights Still An Issue?

Article Summary:

gay-rightsThe Supreme Court recently decided to decline taking a case between a New Mexico photography company and a same-sex couple, therefore leaving the case to remain with the decision that the New Mexico Supreme Court gave. The case arose from a dispute between Elane Photography and Vanessa Willock when the company owners refused Willock service for her commitment ceremony with her partner Misti Colinsworth. Willock filed a complaint that the denial of service violated the New Mexico Human Rights Act, but the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled that the company was just using their free speech right.

Egypt Considers Law That Could Sharply Limit Protests, Months After Coup Against Morsi



The current military controlled interim government in Egypt is in the process of passing legislation that would severely limit street protests as a response to the chaos within the country following the military coup against President Mohamed Morsi. If passed, the law would allow lethal force to be used against protesters.