Religion for the Nonreligious

During winter break, I emailed Dr. Dean Kashiwagi a long explanation about my spiritual journey through life since Bangladesh. After hearing my story, he gave me an override to join the Deductive Logic class. The class has overall been an incredible growth experience. With a religious girlfriend bringing me around to my first contact with

The End Game

If all people had access to an unlimited supply of money then the value of the currency would become obsolete. Conversely, if all people were to be universally enlightened to an absolute truth a hierarchy of knowledge would cease to exist. Without a spectrum of information, there is no foundation for a person or party


Because I am Chinese and my parents being devout Buddhists, I was told to make good and virtuous ‘causes ’ since I was a little girl, because basically all the Chinese people know that good ‘causes ’ will directly lead to good ‘results’, and the bad and unethical ‘causes ’ would lead to bad ‘results ’, too.