What if you controlled your own life?

What would happen if we controlled our own lives? What would happen if we created our own salary at work? What would happen if we decided what to learn about in school? Ricardo Semler uses simple logic to break down the traditional organization structure that is predominately used in business. He challenges the rule and control based structures that are used in school, business and life. The question that started his radical ideas was ” Why is it done that way?” With this question he was able to find simple wisdom in creating a business and school system with almost “no rules”.

Spanking Leads to More Long-Term Consequences

Children can often misbehave and drive parents crazy. Agitated, the parent may feel tempted to use corporal punishment to discipline the child. However, as of the results of 88 studies indicate, there are unintended consequences when parents attempt to control children through force. In the long-term, children can develop “depression and engage in aggressive behavior

NFL Disciplinary Actions

gooddell On Monday, September 8th, 2014, TMZ released a video that confirmed Ray Rice’s domestic violence towards his then fiance and present wife Janay Rice. The article focused more on the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell disciplinary actions towards Ray Rice. A month before the video was released Roger Goodell issued a two game suspension of Ray Rice, which was perceived as minimal punishment for a star NFL player. However, no actual video evidence was publicly announced. In addition, his wife took the blame for Ray Rice’s actions, which probably lead to the minimal punishment by the NFL. Now, news has surfaced that the NFL had possession of this video from the beginning, begging the question why Roger Goodell and the NFL did not publicly announce the evidence as well as issue a harsher punishment to Ray Rice. Only when TMZ released the video did the NFL temporary suspend Ray Rice from any football activities.