Jack Ma: “Stop Complaining, You Can Find Opportunities”

  Jack Ma is the founder of the world-renowned global wholesale trade online platform called Alibaba. In this video, Jack clearly identifies the simple observation that many people in life overlook, because they are too busy complaining and in their own silos: That the majority of people in life are unwilling to change and always

Simple Language, Bright Minds

Most college students can related to the experience of trying to fill up a paper with longer, more complex words to make themselves sound smarter. But a new study out of UCLA suggests that simpler language is what make one appear smarter. Apparently, using larger more complex words when a simpler one suffices, causes your

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing has revolutionized the way manufacturing is done. The reason why it was so successful is because it focused on improvement. Reducing the  lead time, cutting waste, increasing productivity, and simplifying the whole supply chain, were all ways they improved the traditional systems. Using this philosophy, Toyota raised to the top of the car