Ever since the beginning of civilization, mankind has always taken a liking to personifying animals. Whether it was feline gods of ancient Egypt or the animal representation of a king, animals have been portrayed throughout history with human characteristics. It was not until relatively recently however, that this idea of animal personification became a subculture.Furry Fandom has evolved greatly in the years it has been in existence. It has changed from a simple fan fiction group to an entire subculture that generates its own cultural objects.


While the group provides all the facets that any subculture perpetuates, it is hindered by the same obstacle that all subcultures are subject to of being a silo. It therefore is important for members of these subcultures to think outside of their group and understand that natural laws apply to all silos and arenas of life. If Furry members can do this than the subculture is no longer a subculture but instead a group of open likeminded individuals.


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