An article titled “The Impact of Homelessness on Child Development”, by Chloe Leary, outlines the negative effects that being in a state of homelessness has on a child still in the early developing stages of its life. Although the state of the child is the central focus of the article, the author briefly explores the role that the mother can play in the child’s life even before the child is born.

Much like the Information Measurement Theory states, this article highlights the relationship between nature and nurture. Before the baby is born, the mother, being in a state of homelessness herself, might experience high levels of stress and worry. When the baby is born, the child’s parents are the ones who are responsible for the child’s environment. Children who are raised in this environment are likely to inherit the high stress and worrying behavior exhibited by his or her parents. The environment provided to the child by the parents would also lack certain aspects that would usually ensure a better future for the child, such as immunizations and proper schooling. This is a perfect example of the relationship between the environment of an individual and their genetics. The continuous cycle that this could create is also referenced when the author talks about the long-term problems that the child could face. Experiencing high stress and poor nutrition at such an early stage in life will impact the child negatively, which could lead to that individual providing a similar environment for their children in the future.

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  1. Nick Galles


    This is such an interesting concept for IMT, especially with the advances in epigenetics. You made a great point about how the stressful environment for a mother can actually create future consequences for the child before he/she is even born. Some studies are being done on the possibility of paternal effects in epigenetics. It will be interesting to see if anything will come from it.

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