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  1. Conrad Nicoll


    I have always agreed that each of us can choose how we react to negative events in our lives, but I have never thought that even the “bad” things that happen to us could be a reflection of ourselves. The next time I feel that I am wronged in some way I will think about how forgiving myself will get rid of the need for any other forgiveness to take place.

  2. Paulo Miro


    The video introduces a very interesting point of one understanding the effect he or she has on their own environment, and proposes that due to the fact that we are the cause of our environment and not the other way around, when something bad happens it is ultimately a reflection of ourselves being manifested in different ways. With this assumption we come to the conclusion that the concept of forgiveness is really not an act involving two persons, but just one. I think that although flawed, it is a valid perspective that assumes much more responsibility than the alternative of blaming everyone for everything.

  3. Reply

    The introductory point that people may not know what it takes to make another person mad is very valid. It provides an insight into why forgiveness matters. We can never truly know everything about a person, and they cannot truly know everything about us. This assumption of ignorance can allow individuals to open their minds to other perspectives and listen to each other rather than impede on each other’s thoughts and feelings. However, before we forgive others, we have to forgive ourselves and reflect on our choices and actions that shape our perception of our environment.

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