A Scottsdale, AZ Christian affiliated legal group is working overtime to fight for religious freedom in the public venue while simultaneously trying to limit the freedoms surround gay marriage.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is the largest religious focused legal group in the US, boasting over 40 lawyers on staff, a few hundred affiliate lawyers, and an annual budget of $40 Million. In the past two decades, the alliance has reigned supreme over litigation pertaining to religious rights in schools, universities, and other public organizations. The firm maintains a court case success rate of 80% thus leading the charge against legal religious restrictions.

Despite their wide success in the realm of personal religious freedom, the firm is facing massive difficulties in their attempt to restrict gay rights. Besides a few minor victories here and there, the firm cannot seem to put a dent in the fight against gay marriage. None the less, the head of the firm, Alan Sears, insists that gay marriage will soon be a thing of the past.

What is the major difference between the two types of cases that the firm is trying to defend, why does one have more success than the other? Is Sears right, given the current state of the nation, will gay marriage likely be abolished in the future?



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