According to Chris Wesseling from Around the NFL, the New England Patriots heeded Bill Belichick’s pre-game directive to the tee. Belichick told his team, “It’s a 60 minute football game, and whatever issues we have, let’s make sure we correct them, coach them, and fix them. That’s our job.” Now, with less than 30 seconds left in the game, the Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch was just shut down for his first and only attempt to score their last drive. Shortly after Lynch’s attempt, Seattle huddled up to get ready for their second attempt to score, and potentially win Super Bowl XLIX, when two assistant New England Patriot Coaches noticed three receivers entering the Seahawk huddle and decided to change their goal line formation at the last second, calling in Malcom Butler to help defend Seattle’s second drive.

Within seconds of calling the New England’s defensive line change, the Seahawks snapped the ball and threw it to one of their receivers for a touchdown, when suddenly Malcom Butler made the play of the game that crowned the New England Patriots the 2014 Season Super Bowl Champions!

Now, what was most interesting to hear shortly after that game altering play, was the echoes of horror and chatter in the background that shouted, “a play like that could only be qualified as luck or chance”. However, logic tells us that as we gain more information about an event, chance and luck become a less and less credible response for the outcome of that event. Reporters Doug Kyed, from the New England Sports Network, and Hank Gola, from the Daily News, both reported Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork, in the post-game interview, identified that it was nice to see Butler pick off another QB for once, since he has been doing that all season long in practice to Tom Brady. It turns out, the New England assistant defensive coaches that saw the swap out of Seattle’s linemen for three receivers, knew if anyone could match up perfectly and pick that second play, it would be Malcolm Butler.

It is quite interesting to consider, looking back in hindsight, when people stop for a moment and observe what is going on around them that they can actually see what is reality, and accept it like those two assistant coaches. [For example, three Seattle receivers did not mean a trick play to run the ball, but an opportunity to pick a thrown ball]. The difference between the blind and the visionary is the blind make calls out of fear, and the visionary call what they can actually see. So, for those who claim the New England Patriots did not win, only that the Seattle Seahawks blew it, I would say…not a chance!!!


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  1. Vijayanand Narasimhamoorthi


    I agree with the post as it clearly illustrated that Patriot’s win wasn’t a fluke. It was a masterclass from Patriots team to paralyze opponent’s plan. As discussed in IMT class, the visionaries: assistant coaches of Patriots noticed what’s going on in Sea hawks huddle. With 3 receivers coming in, the assistant coaches sensed what is coming, the Patriots perfectly attacked Seahawks strategy to win the Superbowl XLIX. Most people used to say that a lot of information could be gathered by simply observing. Another striking thing was difference between blind and visionary. The visionary always keeps it simple but on the other hand blind people often finds it difficult to keep it simple. The Seahawks could have implemented a simpler plan to win Superbowl, which they failed to so and finally we hear that they blew away the chance.

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